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Frequently Asked Questions

The Yamaha DX7 is a classic synthesizer often cited as the sound of the 80's, this site uses a specially trained AI to create completely novel preset cartridges.

If you are interested in the code it can be found here though it is mostly undocumented.

If you don't happen to have your own Yamaha DX7 then you can try it out it with the following emulators:

Once installed find the load button and navigate to the .syx file downloaded by clicking the cartridge above! Within Dexed this is on the front page, in Rockrelay click the voice button in the top left corner.

The Yamaha DX7 has a total of 155 parameters, the AI uses a machine learning model known as a VAE that reduces these 155 parameters down to just 8.

The model can then choose these 8 numbers randomly and map them back to the full 155 parameters of the DX7, it has learned to do this by training on a large selection of presets compiled by Bobby Blue

Each cartridge is generated in real time by sampling 32 sets of the 8 VAE parameters and compiling them together in real time. The model generates 99.9% unique voices and so it is highly unlikely that any two cartridges created on this site will be the same.

Here is an example created using only voices generated by this page. This loop was contributed by site user No Tom

The voice names are stored as 10 of the 155 parameters within a voice. The AI is trained to predict all the parameters but unfortunately it hasn't gained a very good grasp of human language

You're right, I have prototyped a version that can be used live but it requires a fairly specialised setup. I would like to build a plugin in the future so that everyone can use it that way!

That would be very appreciated, consider signing up to my Patreon!


Sure! Get in touch at